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Cocktails, Celebrations and Awards

In the months of September October and November, the cocktail bar worldwide, dresses up to celebrate the most important awards in the industry, during the last year.

We have #romabarshow #londoncocktailweek #bcbberlin #50bestbars #mexicococktailweek #madridcocktailweek #fibarvalladolid …

We had the pleasure of attending the gala of the #50BestBars in the world, which was held on October 3, 2019 in London.

We represented the team of #paradiso_barcelona, ​​the best bar in #Barcelona, ​​who was positioned this year as the best 20 Cocktail Bar in the world. And The Best Cocktail Menu at @fibarvalladolid

@giacomoloris  & @margarita_sader from @paradiso_barcelona

Wearing #msbartrends exclusive clothing

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