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A Venezuelan woman in Paradiso, the best bar in the world

On October 4 of this year, I visited my youngest daughter in Barcelona, Spain. I had not seen her for almost three years, too long for a mother and daughter. One afternoon she came home from work excited. “Mommy,” she said to me. “Imagine that a bar in the Born that we love and go to from time to time has been given the award for Best Bar in the World”.

I remembered how much I loved bars and cocktails in my youth. I even took a course called “Harvard Bartending Course and Bar Services” (now available online) when I was a student at Harvard, where I learned how to make classic cocktails. But a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, and today’s bars offer different, fun, and even eclectic experiences than traditional bars.

I wanted to go and see the place and invited my brother-in-law Antonio Vasco to accompany me. I had been warned that the wait in line (because there are two lines) could last between three and four hours. I wrote to the bar’s Instagram and sent my journalist credentials and they immediately replied that we would get in as soon as we arrived… and we did. What I didn’t expect was that the PR who runs their networks, a lovely young woman named Bianca Grisolia, told me that “one of the owners is also Venezuelan, her name is Margarita Sader”. I was very excited to learn that a young Venezuelan, only 33 years old, was one of the founding partners and pillars of the best bar in the world! “I want to meet her and I want to interview her,” I said, “She wants to meet you too,” she replied.

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