Margarita Sader, the designer-barwoman at the helm of the world’s best cocktail bar

She is 50% of the visible face of Paradiso, the best cocktail bar in the world according to the list ‘The World’s 50 Best Bars’ and also number one in the ranking ‘Top 500 Bars’. But Margarita Sader is more than just a barwoman involved in the creation of this bar in Barcelona; her dual role is completed with the design of costumes for bartenders. We talked to this Venezuelan entrepreneur who combines innovation in mixology with her vocation as a fashion designer specializing in “haute couture to work” in the hospitality industry.

Margarita Sader is a barwoman and costume designer for bartenders and hospitality staff. This Venezuelan entrepreneur has lived in Barcelona for 13 years. “Giacomo and I have been together for 10 years as sweethearts and married for three,” she says, in an interview with ‘Elle Gourmet’. “Since long before I opened Paradiso with Giacomo in 2015, I was already involved in the hospitality industry. Since I arrived in Barcelona, I worked at the Eclipse, bar of the ‘Hotel Vela’ [W Barcelona]; then, at Bocachica. I have always worked on issues related to international events or hosting,” he adds.

Sader studied fashion in Venezuela and marketing and business organization in Barcelona. “That’s where my fascination with clothing comes from,” justifies the creator of MS BarTrends, a firm with her initials that she founded shortly after opening Paradiso in 2015. “I’m passionate about fashion; my mother had haute couture stores in Venezuela,” she says…

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